Super Is Confusing, and ALWAYS changing

 SGC, Superannuation Guarantee Contribution, the Charge, Super Choice, SuperStream, MySuper, Reportable Employer Superannuation Contribution (RESC). It is so complicated, yet is very high on the Australian Taxation Offices' radar.

Making sure the right people are paid (you may be obligated to pay certain contractors) , the correct amount is paid and the right Superannuation Fund is notified via Superstream, its has become a nightmare!

We at Counting Beanz, constantly monitor the ATO's changes to Superannuation and have the right knowledge to ensure your Super commitments are fufilled.

As with most services we offer, we can work on your current software or set you up in an all in one Bookkeeping Package, to ensure you are always in tune with the latest changes


The ATO have released a great little video outlining what a business needs to do to comply with the latest reporting obligations. Counting Beanz can help you and your business to become and maintain compliance with all ATO Obligations.